Drama Bye-Laws

  1. In all cases, entries will not be accepted unless accompanied by the appropriate fees.
  2. Competitors will be admitted free only to the session in which they compete.
  3. In Junior or Juvenile competition proof of age must be produced, if required, and competitors must be the age stated on 1st January 2020.
  4. Prizes will be withheld if sufficient merit is not shown.
  5. Any protest against the infringement of the bye-laws or against a competitor, must be in writing and accompanied by a fee of £20 which will be returned only if the protest is upheld by the committee whose decision shall be final.
  6. Competitors must provide copies of script for the adjudicator.
  7. Competitors must provide cast lists and credits for the adjudicator and for programme at least TEN DAYS in advance of the Feis.
  8. Competitors must not perform the same play in two consecutive years.
  9. Entry forms will be supplied for each section.
  10. All the entries for competitions are accepted subject to these Bye-Laws.